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Our research interests are quite diverse, but they are all loosely related through one common theme: information technology. We believe curiosity is the best guide for a good research question, and we follow our hearts when trying to find a research topic.

Information privacy

the changing concept of privacy in different contexts antecedants and outcomes of privacy concerns privacy in the IoT age

Artifical intelligence in organization

Employees’ feelings and attitudes toward AI Resistance and fear of AI Working with AI: perceptions, processes, and outcomes


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We are concerned with the interaction of people and technology: how technology is able to shape and change people, and how people respond to, adopt and change technologies, and finally, how organizations deal with technologies.

If you are interested in joining us, please email professor Zhu at to set up a meeting for discussion. Please attach your resume and research interest in your email.

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  • Energy
  • Fun


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Our lab consists of diverse people with different cultures, backgrounds and ideas.
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